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Hello all,

Recently I have gotten a surge of watchers, and as such, I felt it would be proper to inform everybody of what they can expect in the near to not-so-distant future.

Firstly though, I want to thank everyone again for their favorites, comments, and watches.  They are a lot more than I expected for the small number of devations that I've posted.

Since almost all of my posted artwork is Erytheia-oriented, I think a brief overview of the project would be appropriate as well.

Erytheia is a small moon, orbiting a super-earth in a triple star system.
Erytheia contains an atmosphere slightly thicker than Earth's and low gravity.  It has very little surface water, with its oceans reduced to three major seas that are devoid (as far as xenobiologists can tell) of complex life beyond simple phyla due to high salinity.  Since much of Erytheia's water is in the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect makes its global temperature high, and only in rare instances does a meager ice pack form at the poles.
The known groups of life on Erytheia are the akaryotes (analogous to prokaryotes), dikaryotes (analogous to plants), and thalmokaryotes (analogous to animals and fungi).
The euphytes, or true plants, are colored golden brown, burnt-yellow, to orange, giving the landscapes a dryish, savannah-type look.  Most common and diverse are the trichophytes, which are actually colonies, with individuals specialized for specific tasks (see Erytheian Plant Studies for a little more information) beneficial to the whole group, much like hydrozoan colonies.  Tall or spread out colonies are supported by proteinaceous exoskeletal walls, which are actually  the agglomerated bodies of dead phytids, supplemented with minerals.
The major groups of animals are the Loricates (see Wingfish) and Ctenopods (see Prawnshark), as well as Phyllocephalans and Mollifistulans (see More Erytheian Lifeforms).  Bladderbugs (see Aerocystid) are by far the most prevalent and diverse visible group among the simulafungi; with the subterranean eumycetes being comaparable in diversity to earth's fungi.

I think that's brief enough for an overview.  Please ask a question for more information.  I do not want to reveal absolutely every detail, but I can answer basics.

So for what is to come, you can expect a land-crawling, air-breathing xenoamphibian soon.  I have it drawn, but I want it colored first before I put it up.  Hopefully some ctenopod "amphibians" will follow.  I definitely want to put a more detailed picture of another aerocystid up, as well as maybe a tentative cladogram to show their diversity.  I also have a bunch of notes on trichophytes, and plans for a drawing.  In the planning stages is a conceptual picture of an Erytheian environment, but that will probably not come until I am more comfortable with my tablet coloring skills (in the doodling stages at the moment).

In what deviations follow, feel free to criticize and question.  It will challenge my own perceptions and make the science stronger if it can survive scrutiny.

So that is all I wanted to say for now.  Again, thank you for watching.  There are many great specbio projects on deviantart, and I appreciate that you want to follow along with this one.

Many thanks,

Dylan Tracey


Dylan Tracey
A student of science and of the writing craft, who occasionally finds the need for visual expression to satisfy artistic compulsion.

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